Completed physical is required before an athlete can participate in any PRYAA Football 2023 activity, including speed & agility camps and early practices starting in June 2023.  No exceptions. 

Print the required GFL sports physical form (provided below) and take it to your preferred physician or clinic for a sports physical. 



  • All physicals must be on the GFL 2023 form. It is recommended that you print 2 blank forms to take with you in case the physician or nurse makes a mistake on one.
  • Make sure ALL parts of the form are filled out, including health questions and history. Double check that your athletes name and birthdate are correct and matches their legal name on their PRYAA football registration and age verification documents submitted to NSID.
  • Exam date must be in 2023
  • The form must be signed by the MD, NP, PA, or DO with their credentials and include the contact information for the clinic or office performing the physical.
  • The physical form submitted to PRYAA must be the original form with the original provider signature.  No copies will be accepted.


ATTN: 11YO, 12YO & 8th Grade Families:

The MANDATORY baseline concussion testing for all 11-year-old, 12-year-old, and 8th-grade GFL players must be completed ASAP.  If they do not complete this they cannot do any football-related activities. Remember this is a great initiative to keep safety as a #1 priority for our players.

This baseline test will need to be completed before any player can be on the field.  This is an ONLINE test that can be done from the player’s home by the player and should only take 10-15 minutes of their time. 

Please make sure at the end of the test you select the PDF version of your confirmation. This is very important as it will list your player name along with the confirmation number. Please email the PDF version of the confirmation directly to 

This is MANDATORY !!! Players will not be allowed to be evaluated or begin practice until this is completed.