PRYAA Basketball FAQ

This is a existing program in the Peachtree Ridge community so we want to provide as many answers to questions as possible so we provide a lot of detail in this section. If you have any questions that are not answered in these details, please contact the PRYAA Basketball Director at 

What kind of program are we? 

Q. Since PRYAA Basketball is a recreational program, does that mean you’re noncompetitive?
A. No it does not. We still keep score, there is still a winner in each contest, and we still have placings and rankings. However, our rules are designed to be fair and allow every participant to learn fundamentals and be a part of the team with guaranteed playtime.

Q. Can my athlete play on a school or GBL/AAU team and play PRYAA basketball?
A. Yes, however, the demands of practicing and playing on multiple teams may be challenging. Use good judgement if making the decision to participate in both.

Q. Why did the registration fee increase and what is this $20 Spirit Fee?
A. We don't want to change the registration fee every season - however some seasons require additional expenditures than others for items such as gym fee, new/replacement equipment, officials, maintenance fees, etc., so we use the spirit fee to cover these costs. This spirit fee takes the place of doing a season fundraiser. Fundraisers are often difficult and time consuming to manage, and participation is not always equal. Therefore, we simply add on a spirit fee in lieu of a fundraiser.

Q. Will you be charging an admission fee to games this year?
A. Yes, a nominal fee will assess for admittance to games this season.

Q. How are teams created?
A. Prior to the start of the season, we will have evaluations based on age groups. During evaluations, an evaluation committee made up of PRYAA coaches will rank players based on their current ability.

Once players are evaluated, the evaluation committee will form teams. This is to balance out teams, ensure there is no stacking of teams and provide balanced competition. No exceptions will be made for preferred practice days, “riding with another player to practice” or coach’s selections. Exceptions will only be made for coaches and their children to be placed on the same team. No other exceptions.


Q. Can I request a coach?
A. No. The only player a coach can save for a team is his/her own son/daughter (s). We do not allow requests either from coaches or parents as to team placement. Again we strive to make teams as balanced as possible and remove any temptation to create advantages for any team.


Q. How are ages decided for team placements and can my child “play up?”

A. We use September 1stas an age date. The reason for this is to mirror Gwinnett County Public Schools and allow friends, classmates, teammates in other sports to stay within the same age groups. This does not mean they will be on the same team. We do not allow players to “play up”. A player must play within the age group which he is designated by birth date.


Q. Can my player pick his/her number?
A. No. Basketball has a limited number of legal numbers. We order jerseys and numbers based on sizing and the number your player gets for the season will be decided by the coach based on uniforms received. Uniforms will be sized during evaluations.


Q. What equipment does my player need for basketball?
A. Your player should have basketball shoes, a mouthpiece (optional, but advised), access to a basketball (for practice) and a bottle of water/water bottle.

Q. You mentioned two tournaments at the end of the season. What are they?
A. We will hold an end of season internal PRYAA Basketball tournament to determine the top teams in every age group. Every team will participate and regular season records or random draw will determine brackets for the tournament. Currently, we participate in an end of the season tournament with Gwinnett Youth Basketball and Cheerleading Cooperative, of which we are a member. This currently includes the following teams: Duluth, Gwinnett Christian and Norcross.

Q. Will every player get a trophy?
A. No. We do not award participation trophies/awards. Only the top two teams – the teams that play in each age group for our internal championship will receive first and second place awards. This does not preclude teams from purchasing awards for their individual teams. We encourage each team to recruit parent volunteers to organize snacks, picture day and other end-of-season team events to make the season more rewarding for each athlete. 

Q. Does PRYAA Basketball participate in All-Star programs, such as GRABB?
A. While PRYAA Basketball has been represented in GRABB in past years, we will not be participating during the 2017-2018 season. We do not participate in other all-star programs at this time.

Q. What does the PRYAA Basketball provide with my registration fee?
A. In addition to providing each athlete with a uniform and shooting shirt, your PRYAA Basketball registration and Spirit fees pay for insurance, marketing, school facility usage fees for practices and games, school custodial staff, referee costs and equipment. Budgeted at roughly $20,000 per season, facility rental from Gwinnett County Public Schools is our largest expense.

Q. Jr. Hawks program has been referenced, any additional information on what that is?
A.  The Atlanta Hawks partner with local youth athletic associations to provide additional benefits to youth basketball programs and help keep kids interested in the game. For a small participation fee, PRYAA Basketball will receive uniforms through the Hawks program at a discounted price. Athletes will also get tickets to a select Hawks game and we they will host a PRYAA Basketball Night for our association to enjoy. We are excited about this new partnership. More details are to come.

Q. Do you offer scholarships or registration fee assistance to parents in need of support?
A. At this time, PRYAA Basketball does not offer a scholarship or assistance program. A limited number of scholarships are available through Gwinnett Youth Recreation Scholarship Program. Please contact them directly by visiting their website at

Q. Does PRYAA Basketball offer payment plans for registration?
A. Yes. Please check the website for options. You may also contact for more information.